Dinosaurs? Guns? Capcom? There's only one thing it can be: Exoprimal, a brand new co-op shooter about fighting off hordes of dinos.

This brand new IP is a multiplayer co-op shoot-'em-up, allowing for teams of five to suit up in various mechs to fight dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. It looks absolutely mad — the beasts are falling from the sky in droves through vortexes, for goodness sake. Video games are so stupid and brilliant.

Anyway, each mech will of course have a distinct role to play within a team, offering its own strengths in the fight against the toothy menace. You'll be able to swap mechs at any time to adapt to the situation, which seems ideal given a t-rex can appear from a hole in space-time with no notice. There's more info on the PlayStation Blog, if you fancy.

It looks like it could offer some ridiculous fun when it arrives on PlayStation 5 and PS4 in 2023, which is next year but it sounds like a future year, you know? Are you keen for Exoprimal? Bring your umbrella in the comments section below.

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