Hideo Kojima Sony 1
Image: Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is working on his next project, and he’s getting a lot of love from Sony yet again. The auteur has been handed a prototype of the Japanese giant’s teleconferencing technology MADO, which he’s using to oversee motion capture sessions taking place in the United States. This is not publicly available kit yet, so Kojima has received early access here.

Interestingly, the motion capture sessions appear to be taking place in Sony Santa Monica’s studio, which the company does admittedly rent out to third-parties – for example, Resident Evil 8: Village’s cutscenes were shot there. First-party projects will always take priority at the location, however, so this will fuel speculation that the Metal Gear man has partnered with PlayStation again.

In other news, Kojima won one of Japan’s most prestigious cultural awards this week, for “outstanding achievements in various fields of the arts”. And who was first to congratulate him? Well, Kojima posted a photo on social media of two bunches of flowers, sent from Sony’s Japanese third-party relations chief Kiichiro Urata and PlayStation president Jim Ryan.

Obviously we’re reading deep into things here, and there are actually strong rumours that Kojima is making a cloud-based game in collaboration with Microsoft, but it seems like his ties to Sony are still strong. What are you hoping the auteur makes next? Do you think it’ll be another PlayStation published project? Don’t abandon us in the comments section below.

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