The Assassin’s Creed franchise has long moved on from Ezio Auditore, but the character remains iconic to this very day. His eventual inclusion in Fortnite seemed, well, inevitable, then – and here he is. Datamined from the Battle Royale’s latest update, images are emerging on social media of the Italian stallion in all his glory.

It seems he’ll have a built-in emote, and you’ll be able to take his hood on or off according to taste. There’ll also be various other bits-and-pieces of Assassin’s Creed paraphernalia available, including Ezio’s Hidden Blades, which you’ll be able to use as a Harvesting Tool. There’s no word on when this new skin will be available, but we expect an announcement soon.

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In the meantime, you can still get Nathan Drake and Chloe if you’re interested in picking up some alternative Fortnite threads, while Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy made a return to the Item Store earlier today.