Stock up on V-Bucks, because Uncharted is coming to Fortnite. While the collaboration is yet to be officially confirmed, it was first teased by dataminers earlier in the month, and now a trailer has leaked online. There are four costumes in total available, with two different versions of Nate and Chloe on offer. You’ll be able to choose between traditional Drake or his Tom Holland look, while Ms Frazer will be available in her Lost Legacy and Sophia Ali forms.

Uncharted Fortnite PS5 PS4 PlayStation 2
Uncharted Fortnite PS5 PS4 PlayStation 3

You’ll be able to switch between the traditional and movie styles as you like, so purchasing one skin gets you both looks. Each costume will include a unique Backpack Bling, and there’ll also be various other Uncharted cosmetics available, including the Second Hand Saber pickaxe, Parushurama pickaxe, Seaplane glider, and a Journal emote.

There’ll also be new missions added to Fortnite next week which will see you searching for treasure maps, presumably with even more themed items available as rewards. This is all to promote the movie, of course, which we reviewed through here. Are you liking the look of this collaboration? We’ve got to say, we need that glider!