Uncharted Movie 1
Image: Sony Pictures

Movie critics weren’t overly keen on the Uncharted movie, but cinema goers are loving it. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a critics rating of just 39% approval, but it’s a certified hit among audiences: 90% of viewers recommend it. It’s a largely similar story on Google, where it currently commands a score of 4.2/5 – and on IMDB, it’s achieved a less stellar but still respectable 6.7/10 user score.

Of course, it was always going to be difficult to transition the Uncharted games – which are heavily inspired by adventure films like Indiana Jones – into something that universally appeals to critics. Sony Pictures won’t be too worried, of course: the movie is outperforming expectations, and looks on track to achieve an impressive cinematic run. On the back of blockbuster North American ticket sales, Forbes reported that it may have ended the video game curse – although, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog may have a word or two to say about that.

All eyes will now be on Uncharted’s performance as The Batman nears, and then ultimately whether a sequel gets the nod. It’s an encouraging start for PlayStation Productions, though, which is also bringing Ghost of Tsushima to the big screen – and betting big on its collaboration with HBO on The Last of Us.

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