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The Last of Us maker Naughty Dog is never not hiring [That’s a double negative, Sammy – Ed], and it seems like it has three projects in production right now. Co-president Neil Druckmann teased the tidbit on Twitter, reposting a recruitment message from the developer. He used a trio of emojis to cryptically refer to the three separate projects.

None of this is particularly mind-blowing news, to be honest. The company has been pretty open that it’s making a multiplayer game inspired by The Last of Us, which will likely be one of ten service-based titles that Sony has in production. There’s also been strong speculation that the developer has a PS5 remake of PS3 game The Last of Us in the pipeline.

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It’s that third project which strikes us as interesting, then. Cynics may argue that it could be some kind of upgraded The Last of Us: Part II, but we have to imagine it’s the next big title from Naughty Dog. We’re nearing two years since the release of Ellie’s sophomore outing now, and sooner or later the studio will have to announce something new.

What would you like to see come out of Naughty Dog next? Are you itching for more The Last of Us, or would you like a return to Uncharted? How about something completely different entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.