It’s amazing to us that, in 2022, developers still don’t really understand multiplayer. There’s a reason games like Rocket League and Fortnite are popular: they don’t waste your time and get you to the good stuff as quickly as possible. But they really are the minority: most titles will force you through endless error messages, loading screens, and lobbies, sapping your enthusiasm before you even get to play.

GRID Legends appears to have the right idea, at least. Its hop-in multiplayer mode for up to 22-players promises to do away with all the dull finger-twiddling, stripping away lobbies so that you can race. The game will feature full crossplay, so you can join friends regardless of console, and there should be very little hanging around. If it works – and we are, admittedly, sceptical – then we can’t wait.

This trailer also digs into the title’s various modes and gameplay options, including its Race Creator which allows you to setup the kind of competitions you want to play. It’s all looking and sounding promising; the yin to Gran Turismo 7’s yang if you will.