Judging by this comparison video, the framerate in real-life is awful! Sony’s released a video pitting Gran Turismo 7’s virtual rendition of Willow Springs against the real thing, and it makes for compelling viewing. The in-car footage is using a GoPro in the cockpit, so it looks a lot livelier than the game’s silky smooth bumper cam, but you get a feel for the identical track details and (perhaps crucially) car physics.

In fact, it’s mind boggling how accurate the game is, from the camber of the road to the placement of individual advertising hoardings and even the shape of faraway mountains. Some will probably take issue with the cleanliness of Gran Turismo 7’s overall presentation, but in terms of replicating the actual track, it’s frighteningly authentic.

The gameplay footage was captured by content creator Super GT, while the real-life car was driven by Dai Yoshihara, and you can learn a little more about both of them and their thoughts on the track in the video embedded below:

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