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A new Battlefield 2042 hotfix is available today, addressing “areas of game instability”. But this will be the final update until early March, when developer DICE will deploy a “refreshed scoreboard”. The company had previously communicated that this update would be available in mid-February, but this week it announced some fairly serious changes to the title’s roadmap, including a delay to its first season.

Among the things that the developer is working on are better End of Round reporting screens and improved Player Profiles – incredible, really, for a title that launched last year. EA said that the first-person shooter has underperformed, and its concurrent players have dropped like a rock: there are currently more people playing Battlefield V on Steam than there are DICE’s newest entry. All of this means that EA is even allegedly considering making the release free-to-play.

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Those who bought the Gold or Ultimate Editions of the game will be able to look forward to some additional in-game goodies as recompense for the botched launch, but as we’ve reported previously, this brand’s fanbase is up in arms right now. Many feel that, in addition to being buggy and unfinished, Battlefield 2042 is simply not good enough – and it’s going to be extremely difficult to revive the release’s reputation at this point.