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Battlefield 2042 developer DICE is fighting fires and an irate fanbase which has since transitioned back to previous title, Battlefield V. But the Swedish developer has posted an update about its plans today, as it tries to get the title back on track. In favouring key updates and improvements, it’s pushed the release’s first season back until the summer.

So, what’s in store? Well, the game will be getting a refined scoreboard, which will be added imminently. This will be complemented by End of Round reporting in a later update. It’ll also be updating Player Profiles to include more meaningful information, and further updating its voice chat systems. It’s insane that we’re writing all of this about a game that ultimately launched last year.

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Elsewhere, it’ll be tweaking key gameplay mechanics, like the reward loop you and your team receive when playing the objective – and, of course, there’ll be further improvements and balancing applied to the gunplay. You can read more about exactly how it intends to make these alterations in collaboration with the community through here.

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If you’re an incensed early adopter, then worry not: DICE has some free goodies for you, assuming you purchased the Gold or Ultimate Editions. As part of the next update, you’ll receive the Steadfast Exclusive Legendary Bundle, which includes various in-game trinkets, including skins and profile icons. You’ll also get the Rib Tickler melee weapon.

Is it all too little too late, though? Player numbers have absolutely plummeted in Battlefield 2042, and there’s talk online that EA is so disappointed with its performance that it’s considering making the title free-to-play. Certainly, we don’t think we’ll be waiting long for this to be added to the list of All EA Play Games on PS5 and PS4.