Horizon Forbidden West Emoji

You may have noticed, but Sony has a lot riding on Horizon Forbidden West. The company has clearly invested exorbitant sums of money into the PlayStation 5 and PS4 exclusive, and so the marketing machine is absolutely chugging right. Case in point: Aloy just got her very own Twitter emoji, which we suppose is becoming fairly common for major game releases these days.

The emoji appears whenever you post about #HorizonForbiddenWest, and has already got the game trending – well, certainly on our curated list, anyway. We assume this will stick around right through launch, as everyone begins sharing their Photo Mode screenshots online. How are your hype levels with a week left until release?

Remember, you can now pre-load the game on PS5 and PS4, and if you need a reminder of the story, you can read our Horizon Zero Dawn full story recap.