Resistance PlayStation Sony 1

The never-ending cup that is ex-Sony Bend director Jeff Ross runneth over with more inside secrets on ideas that will presumably not come to fruition. You may remember that the Days Gone man recently hinted some work had started on an open world Resistance game, following the studio’s decision not to proceed with a sequel to Deacon St. John’s debut.

And now we have a little more information about what it could have looked like, courtesy of a Ross interview with USA Today. It’s worth noting that the director openly admits he only worked on the project for “about a week”, so we’re effectively talking about scribbles on a notepad here, rather than a fully fleshed out game design.

The big concept here was that the Chimera’s mothership would always be in the sky, looming over the sandbox. Think of the mountain in Journey or Hyrule Castle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: you know your objective is to get there, but you have to explore the rest of the world first. That was the pitch, conceived by senior designer Eric Jensen and championed by Ross, for Resistance.

“I just thought it would be really epic to see this mothership somewhere and know that was the endgame and have it always hovering in the sky,” Ross said. “And then in the meantime, before you can attack it, you had to level up, you had to build factions, you had to build your army, you had to figure out how to get a ship to get up there or another way to get up there.”

The type of game Ross teases sounds a lot like Far Cry, where you’re capturing Chimera bases and strongholds to turn the tides of the war. He alludes to the series’ imaginative arsenal of firearms playing a big part in keeping the gameplay fresh, as you’d always have options for how you want to approach skirmishes.

The pitch, like Days Gone 2, ultimately went nowhere, and now Ross has left and Sony Bend is working on a new intellectual property. We like the Resistance idea a lot – it sounds cool – but we imagine there are thousands upon thousands of great ideas that never make it out of a notebook in studios around the world. You can’t miss what you never had.