It's been a little while since we've had a Dreams creation go viral, hasn't it? Media Molecule's create-'em-up platform lets players make whatever they like, and there are countless examples of amazing works from the community. It's always a good feeling when the game can capture some broader attention, and an incredible t-rex has done the trick this time around.

Creator Krenautican has been building Jurassic Park inspired elements in Dreams for some time, and their latest effort went viral over the weekend. Just take a look at this:

When this cropped up in our Twitter feed, at first glance we genuinely thought it was a shot from the Steven Spielberg classic. It's pretty much perfect — the mood evoked by the torrential rain and the lighting feels spot on, and of course, the dinosaur model looks near-identical to the animatronic used in the film. It's a pretty staggering recreation.

The best part is that this is viewable within Dreams right now. Simply called T. Rex Roar, you can watch this big bad dino roar all day long if you like. It's even compatible with PSVR if you want to put yourself in the shoes of Dr. Grant.

What do you think of this Dreams creation? Is it a roaring success, or does it lack flare? Don't move a muscle in the comments section below.

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