PS3 PS5 Backwards Compatibility

Ever since Sony's supposed PlayStation Plus overhaul was outed last year, rumours regarding additional backwards compatibility have been rampant — and now we've got another one. As reported by VGC, PS5 users have spotted something unusual on the PlayStation Store: PS3 titles with prices.

If you select a PS3 game on the current store, you should be sent to the PS Now version — a version that you can stream through the subscription service. But that's not the case here, since the reported titles aren't actually available through PS Now. As you'd expect, some are already claiming that this is yet another sign that PS3 backwards compatibility on PS5 is happening.

However — and we hate the spoil the party here — this isn't anything new. PS3 titles have been popping up on the PS5 and PS4 stores for years, and whenever it happens, a fresh rumour hits social media. As far as we know, this is just a visual bug — a bug that simply refuses to disappear.

The heavily rumoured PS Plus overhaul will apparently be unveiled in early 2022, so with any luck, we'll get some official clarification in the near future. Until that happens, try to temper your expectations in the comments section below.