Chrono Cross Remaster

It's getting to the point now where we're almost sick of hearing about this long, long, long rumoured Chrono Cross remaster. Many were expecting it to be revealed during The Game Awards back in December since that's when all of the speculation was at its peak, but we're now in 2022 and the refreshed RPG still hasn't been confirmed.

Thankfully, all of this could change come February. Replying to birthday messages on Twitter (as reported by VGC), Chrono Cross composer Yasunori Mitsuda says that if we're lucky, one of his projects will be revealed next month. Previously, Mitsuda was pictured alongside other musicians who had accidentally leaked that they were working on a remaster of Chrono Cross.

Again, everything we've heard so far suggests that the remaster is real — it's just that Square Enix is taking its sweet time in making it official. Are you still looking forward to this eternally rumoured remaster? Remember Chrono Cross in the comments section below.

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