Okay, okay, we know what you're thinking. Another Castlevania-esque, pixel-filled, side-scrolling action RPG? We get it β€” it feels like a new one of these has released every other week for the past decade, but Infernax genuinely sounds pretty great (and it helps that our friends over at Nintendo Life have actually played it).

A brief summary from developer Berzerk Studio is all we needed: "What if the game remembered what you did, what if it had way too many secrets, what if it was also disgustingly gory; it’s all of those things. The story is all built on your decisions, and those decisions guide what upgrades you get, what quests become available to you."

These choices could transform Infernax into something quite unique, all while the rest of the game entertains with good level design and intense combat encounters. We've got high hopes, then, but is Infernax an indie that could hold your interest? Equip your best monster-slaying blade in the comments section below.

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