You know a game is a hit when a bundle of similar-but-different titles crop up shortly afterwards. Overcooked is one such example, with many indie games following in its footsteps, aiming to grab that same co-op loving crowd. Case in point: Cannibal Cuisine, which puts a rather dark twist on the formula.

In addition to some typical ingredients, this game's hook is its emphasis on chasing, killing, and cooking humans in order to feed your tribe's god, Hoochooboo. What that translates to is what looks like a pretty standard Overcooked clone with some (very) light combat and other hazards.

The subject matter might be grisly, but as you can see, it's all delivered with a light, comical tone, so it should still be a suitable game for the family to enjoy. It's playable solo or in a group of up to four, with plenty of co-op and competitive levels to master.

Cannibal Cuisine is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 25th January 2022, and will include the free expansion, Curse of the Scarab King. Will you be laying the table for this one? Please don't try this at home in the comments section below.