YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG (pronounced Y-2-K) is a game you probably haven't thought about in a while, and for good reason. It wasn't particularly good when it launched for PlayStation 4 at the very start of 2019, awarded a 5/10 in our review. However, it looks like developer Ackkstudios is taking another stab at things with a complete overhaul of the game arriving later this year.

This will be a free update that "reimagines the mind-bending Japanese-style role-playing game with transformative improvements", dubbed YIIK I.V. The cutscenes have been reimagined, bringing a different set of eyes to the experience to make it "the most compelling and accessible version to date". Then there's new story content that introduces new characters, bosses, dungeons, and more opportunities to spend time with the supporting cast.

Quality of life improvements are said to make combat better, shorter load times will get you into the action faster, and over 45 minutes of brand new music gives you something new to listen to. "Embark on a reality-altering journey with recent college grad Alex and his friends in the spring of 1999. Embrace the unreal of dungeons dripping with intrigue and a turn-of-the-millennium world plagued by uncertainty and the supernatural."

It looks like the free patch will be for the same PS4 edition that's available on the PS Store now — in other words, don't expect a native PS5 version out of this update also.

"YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, sadly, never shines as brightly as it does during its opening hours. There's enjoyment to be had here, sure, especially for anyone with love for the '90s – but all of the references to Chrono Trigger and Pogs in the world can't balance out the pleasure-less battle system and overly complicated levelling up mechanics," we concluded in our review. It sounds like this new update will address at least some of those complaints.