The Game Awards 2021 Views

We love Geoff, but the terminology used to describe the success of The Game Awards 2021 is the kind of thing that makes our eyes roll out of their sockets. According to hype master Keighley, the event "delivered a record 85 million livestreams". It sure sounds impressive, but "delivered"? "Livestreams"? That's a weirdly specific, but also incredibly vague metric.

We think this means that, over the course of the show, 85 million livestreams of The Game Awards were opened at some point. If you clicked on the show by accident and then backed out after just a few seconds, we assume that would still count towards the total.

Look, we don't want to get too snarky. It's clear that The Game Awards attracts a massive audience these days, to the point where it's basically the biggest annual event in gaming — especially since E3 is barely a shadow of its former self. Mad to think about, isn't it?

Congrats to Geoff, we suppose. Say what you want about the guy, but he knows how to get people watching his shows!