As it turns out, Sonic will indeed be present at this year's Game Awards, and in a big way too. It's just been revealed online that we're in for a double-bill of hedgehog action during Geoff Keighley's show, so prepare yourselves for some serious speed and attitude.

Firstly, we will be treated to the debut trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the sequel to the live-action movie starring Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz. Speaking of which, the film just got its first poster:

Secondly, Keighley himself has confirmed that we'll be seeing the upcoming game, supposedly named Sonic Frontiers, during the show as well:

That's a lot of hedgehog to handle at once, but we've no doubt Sonic fans are super excited for all this news. We're certainly hopeful that the game shows well — the mascot could certainly use a half-decent game.

Anyway, The Game Awards is going full Sonic on us. Are you excited? Have a chilli dog in the comments section below.

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