Polyphony Digital is heavily embedded in the automotive industry, and it regularly collaborates with motoring brands to create concept cars of the future, playable within the Gran Turismo games. And here’s Porsche’s effort: a design lightly inspired by the existing all-electric Taycan, with quad-LED lights on the front.

No specifications for the concept car have been announced at this stage, but you’ll be able to drive it exclusively in Gran Turismo 7, of course. The body uses a mixture of carbon and titanium, so it should be nice and light. There’s also a pretty rad holographic display on the dashboard, with dials displaying battery capacity, speed, and so on.

If you’re interested in more of the specifics, Porsche has put together a 13-minute presentation introducing the concept car and some of the design decisions behind it:

This should be pretty fun to test drive in the game come 4th March. Are you a fan of these concept cars that Polyphony Digital designs alongside real-world manufacturers, or do you prefer to focus on vehicles that actually exist? Put your foot down in the comments section below.

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