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Friday31st Dec 2021

  • News PS Plus' PS5, PS4 Games for January 2022 Announced

    A strong start

    January 2022's PS Plus games have been officially revealed, and it's safe to say that Sony is starting the year off with a bang. As is becoming the natural order of things, this is the same lineup that was leaked one week ago. Here's what we've got: DIRT 5 (PS5, PS4) Deep Rock Galactic (PS5, PS4) Persona 5 Strikers (PS4) Ag

  • Guide Upcoming PS5, PS4 Games for January and February 2022

    Uncharted! Horizon! Elden Ring!

    Happy new year, everyone! We're at the very start of 2022, which is shaping up to be a killer year for video games. Whether you have a PlayStation 5, PS4, or both, there's a whole host of big titles on the way, and some of them very soon indeed. January has one or two highlights, but February — at the time of...

  • Game of the Year Robert's Top 5 PS5, PS4 Games of 2021

    Smelling the game

    Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their own personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2021. Today, it's the turn of deputy editor Robert Ramsey. 5. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut: I had reasonably high expectations for Disco Elysium: The Final Cut after watching the game receive so much...

  • Game of the Year Best PS5, PS4 RPG of 2021

    Masterworks all

    2021 was yet another good year for role-playing games on PlayStation. Granted, a lot of them were actually PS5 re-releases, but there were still plenty of top quality titles to go around. As decided by the Push Square editorial team, these are the best RPGs of 2021. Bronze Trophy: Persona 5 Strikers: Persona 5 Strikers is often...

  • News God of War Ragnarok Now Rated for PS5, PS4 Release in Saudi Arabia

    Deity damage

    Here’s an interesting little tidbit coming out of Saudi Arabia: God of War Ragnarok has been rated for release. Typically games don’t get classified until they’re close to launching, so this seems early for the anticipated sequel. Meta data scraped from Sony’s servers suggests the platform holder may be targeting a September...

  • News PlayStation Icon Shu Yoshida Selects Some PS5, PS4 Indies You Need to Play

    Plus some PSVR picks

    Shuhei Yoshida, the former PlayStation Studios president and current Sony indies evangelist, has picked a bunch of must-play PlayStation 5 and PS4 titles for the New Year. There are a bunch of expected inclusions here: Hades, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Death’s Door. However, the iconic executive also highlighted a handful of...

  • Game of the Year #2 - Returnal

    Helios abandoned

    In one of the closest Game of the Year results we've ever had, Returnal takes a well-earned second place spot in our countdown. This is a notable release for many reasons; it's Housemarque's biggest and most ambitious game to date, it's one of only a few true PlayStation 5 exclusives, and it's the first proper attempt at a triple-A...

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  • Soapbox How Discord Will Change the Way We Play PS5, PS4 Together in 2022

    We're all connected

    One of the bigger stories of 2021 came when Sony announced it had invested in Discord and was working on full integration with the PlayStation Network. The news emerged shortly after Microsoft withdrew from a rumoured $10 billion buyout of the social network, making for a nice juxtaposition among those who follow the industry...

  • Game of the Year Best PS5, PS4 FPS Game of 2021

    Loop the loop

    In what feels like a bit of an off-year for the FPS genre, the field of nominees for this year's instalment of the best PS5, PS4 FPS game of 2021 doesn't feel quite as strong. Nevertheless, we've still whittled down the best of the best to a top four. Selected by the Push Square editorial team, these are our picks for the best...

  • Game of the Year Brett's Top 5 PS5, PS4 Games of 2021

    Castle crasher

    Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their own personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2021. Today, it's the turn of reviewer Brett Posner-Ferdman. 5. Persona 5 Strikers: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts are back, and better than ever! Going into 2021, Persona 5 Strikers was easily one of my most...

  • Game of the Year #5 - Psychonauts 2

    All in the mind

    No matter how much of a cult status the original Psychonauts holds, releasing a direct sequel more than 16 years later was always going to be a daunting prospect. Thank god Double Fine didn’t cave to those fears then because Psychonauts 2 is another game with creativity up the wazoo. Raz returns to work out who the double agent...

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  • Game of the Year Best PS5, PS4 Remake, Remaster, or Re-Release of 2021

    Worth a revisit

    2021 will be remembered as a brilliant year for remakes, remasters, and enhanced PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 ports. Since a lot of these games tend to get overlooked for Game of the Year awards in favour of brand new titles, we thought it would be fitting to highlight our favourites. As selected by the Push Square editorial team,...

  • Soapbox PS5's Next-Gen PSVR Headset Is Going to Drop Jaws in 2022

    A reality

    Gamers can be a strange breed, you know? This is an industry that’s founded on technological innovation: it’s a beautiful blend of computing and entertainment. I don’t know about you, but I love this hobby because it never stands still: the games we play, the consoles we use – they’re always evolving. Compare the original...

  • Game of the Year Liam's Top 5 PS5, PS4 Games of 2021

    The good lady Dimitrescu

    Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their own personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2021. Today, it's the turn of assistant editor Liam Croft. 5. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: It may only be fifth on my personal list, but Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was probably the...

  • Game of the Year #7 - It Takes Two

    Together forever

    Hardcore gamers generally don’t like playing with anyone but themselves, so when It Takes Two comes along and demands a second player be part of the fun just to start the game, it was always facing an uphill battle. Good job many overcame those fears of interacting with another person, though, because Hazelight Studios’...

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  • Guide NBA 2K22: Best Builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer

    How to build the best NBA 2K22 player in all positions

    What are the best builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer in NBA 2K22? A large part of the NBA 2K22 experience revolves around creating your own NBA player, which you'll then use in the MyCareer mode, and in The City and the Neighborhood. Before creating your MyPlayer, you should think about what type...

  • Guide GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: All Cheats

    All cheat codes for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

    What are all cheats for GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition in the GTA Trilogy? Rockstar's crime sandbox spanning the fictional state of San Andreas packs an engaging and entertaining story, but is arguably at its most fun when you're fooling around. Fortunately, the developer gives you the...

  • Guide FIFA 22: Best Formations and Custom Tactics for FUT

    Meta formations for a tactical masterclass in FIFA Ultimate Team

    What are the best formations and custom tactics for FUT in FIFA 22? FUT 22, or FIFA Ultimate Team, sees you assembling a squad of football superstars, both past and present, from a variety of clubs and leagues around the world. But before you can even begin to think about Players and...

  • Guide All PS5 Games Running at 120 Frames-Per-Second

    Maximum speed

    What are all PS5 games running at 120 frames-per-second? PS5 games will run at a variety of framerates, including 60fps (See Also: Will PS5 Games Be 60 Frames-Per-Second?). However, Sony has said that it's next-gen system will support 120fps, so we've compiled a list of all PS5 games running at 120 frames-per-second as part of our PS5...

  • Rumour PS Plus PS5, PS4 Games for January 2022 Leaked Early

    Starting the year off big

    As is tradition, French deals forum Dealabs has leaked next month's PS Plus lineup well ahead of time. The site has gotten the PS5 and PS4 games included in the service bang on for basically half a year now, so you can essentially take this list as confirmation. According to Dealabs, the January 2022 PS Plus lineup consists...

  • Guide 10 PS5 Things You Should Do First This Christmas

    Tips and tricks to getting started with PlayStation 5

    PlayStation 5 has been here for a year, but if you were lucky enough to find PS5 stock and got a spangly new console for Christmas, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Obviously, you’ve been waiting patiently for the new-gen platform, but with so much on offer out of the box, you...

  • Guide GTA Vice City Definitive Edition: All Cheats

    All cheat codes for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition

    What are all cheats for GTA Vice City Definitive Edition in the GTA Trilogy? Rockstar's cult classic gives you the keys to an 80s open world, and just like any Grand Theft Auto game, the release is packed full of cheat codes for you to fool around with. As part of our GTA Trilogy guide

  • Guide GTA 3 Definitive Edition: All Cheats

    All cheat codes for GTA 3 Definitive Edition

    What are all cheats for GTA 3 Definitive Edition in the GTA Trilogy? The first 3D GTA game set in Liberty City is populated with plenty of things to do, but faffing about with its systems using cheat codes can give you the license to go a bit crazy. As part of our GTA Trilogy guide, we're going to share...

  • Game of the Year Stephen's Top 5 PS5, PS4 Games of 2021

    Going rogue

    Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their own personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2021. Today, it's the turn of associate editor Stephen Tailby. 5. Death's Door: For me, the year has been peppered with several smaller games, and most of them have been very good, but I think Death's Door does...

  • Mini Review Among Us (PS5) - Social Deduction Sensation Is Best with Buddies


    Among Us is fashionably late to the PlayStation party. The game – which became a social sensation a couple of years back – has largely waned in popularity since exploding on streaming sites like Twitch, but with a price point less than a skinny latte and full crossplay compatibility, is there anything sus’ about this overdue port? Well,...

  • Mini Review Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Fatesworn (PS4) - A Safe Expansion to a Decade-Old Game

    You've got to have fate

    Just like the game's fateless protagonist, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning - Fatesworn exists against all odds. This is a brand new expansion to a game that first released ten years ago, from the same development team that brought us the remastered Re-Reckoning in 2020. It's an incredibly strange scenario, but hardcore...

  • Soapbox EA Originals Was the Publisher's Secret Weapon in 2021

    EA's indie push is where it's at, says Stephen

    Electronic Arts gets a very bad rap these days. While I'd agree that the publisher isn't quite what it once was — and it certainly has made a bundle of mistakes over the last five years or so — it isn't quite as negative as all that. I'm not here to defend it for any missteps or misfires; that's a...

  • Game of the Year #8 - Knockout City


    This will probably wind up being a contentious inclusion in our Game of the Year countdown, but it really shouldn't. Knockout City is an online-only multiplayer game with broad appeal, fuelled by frequent post-launch updates and battle pass-style progression. While many will condemn it for those reasons, we strongly believe that this title...

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  • News Not Everyone Had the Fortitude to Finish Returnal on PS5

    Can't be Returnarsed

    Games are designed to be beaten these days, especially Sony published ones. If you look at the completion rate for releases like God of War and The Last of Us 2, they’re extraordinarily high, despite delivering fairly long campaigns. Returnal is an exception: the punishing roguelike demands perfection, and current Trophy data...

  • News The DNF Duel Open Beta Is Live on PS5, PS4

    Are you next?

    Just a few weeks ago, DNF Duel wasn't even on the radar — but through a combination of super cool looking character trailers and the announcement of an open beta, the upcoming fighting game has suddenly garnered a lot of attention. Said open beta is available to download and play right now, on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4...

  • News Things Are Beyond a Joke in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One's New DLC

    Catch the clown

    Unfortunately, we didn’t love prequel detective-‘em-up Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, but Frogwares is committed to populating its tropical open world with new content. The game’s first story-based DLC expansion, Beyond a Joke, is available to download on the PS Store now; it’ll cost you £3.99/$4.99 individually, or is...

  • News There's Definitely a New Ghostbusters Game on the Way

    Star Ernie Hudson confirms

    Worst kept secret in the industry right now? It seems everyone’s talking about the new Ghostbusters game, without it even being announced yet. Earlier in the year, IllFonic boss – who really should know better, to be honest – effectively confirmed that his team’s working on a new title inspired by the iconic...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 407

    One week to go

    Wow! Is there really only a week until Christmas? It felt like it was ages away and now suddenly here it is, right on top of us, like a New York Yankees baseball cap or something. This author only just got around to opening the first window on his advent calendar yesterday, so you know what that means: a hearty helping of Dairy Milk...

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