Returnal PS5

Returnal is an excellent arcade shooter that recently got that little bit better with its latest patch. A widely recognised criticism was that players couldn't save and quit part way through a run, forcing you to either see the run to the end or give up your current progress if you needed to stop playing. Housemarque finally addressed this with the Suspend Cycle feature, which gives you a one-use save state so you can continue your run later. However, players have quickly found a workaround that lets them save scum through the dangerous world of Atropos.

The Suspend Cycle function creates a save that, when you resume it later on, is deleted, which means you can't keep reusing the save over and over again. Only, you sort of can. Once you use Suspend Cycle, you can hop out of the game, upload the save to the cloud, and then continue. When you die, you can just download that save and pick up where you left off. Suddenly, you've got infinite chances to progress your run further, if you can be bothered to go through the extra steps.

Obviously this goes against the game's rogue-like structure; this is a game in which you're meant to die and restart repeatedly. However, if you're really struggling against a certain boss, or if you were having a good run but made a silly mistake, this exploit might be the safety net you need to keep going.

At this point, we don't know if this will be patched out, but you might as well take advantage of it while it's there, if you feel you need the leg up. How are you getting on in Returnal since the last update? Tell us in the comments section below.