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Sony has agreed to keep the PS Store online on the PS Vita, after previously announcing plans to discontinue it – but make no mistake, maintenance for the system’s storefront is at the very bottom of its list of priorities. Perhaps that would explain why error code NP-2244-2 is persisting after almost a week of discontent from the device’s fans on Reddit and social media.

Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to replicate the issue ourselves, as it seems the service is working as usual in the UK and North America. While there doesn’t appear to be a complete consensus on which territories are affected, it seems to be countries in continental Europe – like France – as well as parts of Asia and even Australia that have been hit by the outage.

There’s been no comment from Sony about what’s wrong and when it’ll be fixed, but we have contacted the manufacturer to try and find out more information. In the meantime, you’re just going to have to sit tight and wait for a fix, whenever that will arrive. Obviously, we understand the Japanese giant’s eyes are elsewhere these days, but this is still a problem that will ultimately need to be resolved.

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