Elden Ring PS5 PS4 Performance

Bandai Namco has seemingly confirmed frame-rates and resolutions for Elden Ring through the publisher's own support page. Said page details technical specifications on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation 4, while also pointing out that raytracing will apparently be added via a patch on PS5.

Here's what you need to know:

PS4 PS4 Pro PS5
Resolution Up to 1920x1080p Up to 3200x1800p Up to 3840x2160p (with resolution mode)
Frame-rate Up to 30fps Up to 30fps Up to 60fps (with performance mode)
HDR Supported Supported Supported
Raytracing (added via patch) N/A N/A Supported

It's about what you'd expect, then, with the PS5 version offering the best performance — both visually and technically — depending on which mode you choose to play in.

What's more, the support page mentions that save data from the PS4 version can be transferred to the PS5 version — but it doesn't work both ways. Start the game on PS5, and you won't be able to transfer your save to PS4.

Are you looking forward to Elden Ring? Be sure to check out the latest gameplay footage if you haven't already (it looks fantastic), and then mount your goat-horse thing in the comments section below.

[source service-en.bandainamcoent.eu, via reddit.com]