Just as promised, FromSoftware has lifted the lid on Elden Ring with 15 minutes of raw gameplay focusing on combat, exploration, and some of the characters you'll meet in The Lands Between. Footage first focuses on the general open world before heading into Dungeons and a large fortress known as Stormvale Castle. We even catch a glimpse of a boss fight against a demigod, which may be classed as a light spoiler.

The narrator begins by traversing The Lands Between, highlighting new features such as a Site of Grace. Then follows a fight against a large dragon and the introduction of a character named Alexander, who is a giant pot stuck in the mud. Fantastic stuff. The map can be customised with markers for important landmarks and crafting materials, or general areas you want to return to later.

Catacombs appear to represent significant side content, rewarding you with new items and treasures if you manage to overcome what they hide — both enemies and traps included. Stormvale Castle is the presentation's grand finale, showcasing how you can approach locations using different routes. This is also where we meet Godric the Golden, who rules the castle and its grounds.

Elden Ring can now be pre-ordered on the PS Store, with the base version costing £49.99/$59.99 and the Deluxe Edition coming in at £64.99/$79.99. Putting money upfront will net you an Adventure Guide and a bonus gesture, which is simply unlocked earlier in the game than usual. The Deluxe Edition then contains the aforementioned items along with a digital artbook and soundtrack.

If you want to play the game for yourself sooner, don't forget about the Elden Ring Closed Beta: Dates, Times, and How to Play. All those details are covered through the link. How hyped are you? Let us know in the comments below.