October 2021's PS Plus games have been officially revealed, and guess what? The leak was right! Again!

If you can believe it, this is the fifth month in a row where the PS Plus lineup has accurately leaked ahead of time. It certainly removes the sense of surprise, but at least you're prepared for the potential disappointment.

Anyway, October 2021's PS Plus games are as follows:

As alluded, the reaction to this group of games has not been particularly positive. Hell Let Loose is a well received first-person shooter, but its multiplayer focus won't be to everyone's tastes. Meanwhile, Mortal Kombat X is a solid fighting game — but it's ultimately an old release. And lastly, PGA Tour 2K21 is... well, it's golf. As with any sports title, you're either interested or you're not.

Nevertheless, we had a lot of nice things to say in our Mortal Kombat X review, awarding the game an 8/10 in the end:

Mortal Kombat X doesn't hit with quite as much impact as its predecessor, but it still improves upon a brutal blueprint. The story's stupid and poorly written, but it's all of the options outside of the campaign that will keep you engaged – whether you're playing with others or alone. With hundreds of modifiers, the ever-rotating Living Towers, and some truly exceptional online additions, this game really goes above and beyond.

We were similarly satisfied in our PGA Tour 2K21 review, dishing out a 7/10:

PGA Tour 2K21 is the best simulation golf game on the PS4, and it represents a real evolution for The Golf Club franchise as a whole. While it retains many of the features from previous instalments, it’s much better presented than ever before, and it finally includes a career mode that’s worth your time and attention. There are still improvements to be made here – the licensed courses lack character and the visuals are static – but if this were a long par five tee shot it’d comfortably find the fairway.

All of these games will be downloadable starting from the 5th October.

What do you think of October's PS Plus games? Not very spooky, are they? Give us your honest opinion in the comments section below.