February's PlayStation Plus games have been officially announced — and it's honestly one heck of a lineup. We've known for a while that Destruction AllStars would be February's headline act on PlayStation 5, but there's more to next month's selection than that.

Control: Ultimate Edition is also part of the deal, available on both PS5 and PS4 — an inclusion that we never saw coming. And to round things out, we've got the lovingly crafted Concrete Genie on PS4. Not bad, eh?

All three games can be downloaded starting from Tuesday, 2nd February. Destruction AllStars will be available for two months, until 5th April.

While we're yet to review Destruction AllStars — keep your eyes peeled for full coverage of that next week — we recommended Concrete Genie in our 7/10 review:

Concrete Genie is a warm, joyful experience that embraces creativity in a unique way. Painting your way through Denska is effortlessly fun, and the genies that help Ash through his adventure are delightful. While this main thrust of the game is well realised, combat feels like an afterthought, as it's stashed away right at the end. This and a couple of smaller issues hold the game back from greatness, but taken as a whole, this is definitely worth playing — and pretty as a picture, too.

We're also yet to review the PS5 version of Control: Ultimate Edition, but we had fun with the original PS4 release in our 7/10 review:

There’s no doubting that Control is a good experience, but it’s not one that’ll go down in the history books. Its explorative and combat-focused gameplay is a major highlight thanks to abilities that give you the chance to get creative, but the unreliable framerate that goes with it puts a stop to the enjoyment far too frequently. This is most definitely worth playing, but that’s about as far as any substantial praise can go.

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