Look, we all know the Frogwares Sherlock Holmes games are developed on a paper-thin budgets, so you’re not going to get Uncharted-esque performances out of the upcoming Chapter One. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian developer is really expanding on its predecessors with this prequel, making investigations open world and even adding some Hitman influences.

For example, some people simply won’t speak to you if you’re in the wrong outfit, while others will see through your disguise. As you gather evidence and draw conclusions, the release will give you the scope to make mistakes, and even make judgments about the motives of the criminals you encounter. This means it’ll be down to you to determine their punishments, with no right or wrong answers.

The scale is impressive, but clearly you’re going to have to endure some shaky voice acting and flappy animations along the way. As long as the investigations themselves are fun, though, we’re hopeful this will be an entertaining alternative to the ginormous AAA blockbusters also due out this Christmas. Holmes will arrive in the Mediterranean on PS5 from 16th November, with a PS4 version to follow at a later date.

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