Splinter Cell PlayStation 5 1

After shoehorning protagonist Sam Fisher and his iconic night vision goggles into, well, everything, Ubisoft has allegedly given the go-ahead to the first mainline Splinter Cell game in almost a decade. According to “development sources” reported by VGC, the release is in the early phases of production and is seen as a means of winning back fans who have been frustrated by its use of the stealth series.

It’s unclear where the game’s being developed – remember, Ubisoft has a ton of teams all over the globe – although it’s believed to be in production outside of its “traditional Montreal base”. Despite being in the “early phase of production”, it’s alleged that there’s a “small chance it could be announced next year”. Obviously, between the likes of Beyond Good & Evil 2 and Skull & Bones, the French publisher has a track record for revealing projects early.

The last proper Splinter Cell game was 2013’s Blacklist on the PlayStation 3, but there has been crossover content in a number of different titles, including Ghost Recon: Wildlands. A few years back there was strong speculation that Sam Fisher was on the cusp of a return, but when that project failed to emerge many gave up hope of a comeback. It sounds like, assuming these reports are accurate, we’ll finally get our wish.

[source videogameschronicle.com]