Yes, Rainbow Six: Siege is absolutely an excellent multiplayer game, but this is getting to the point of ridicule. Ubisoft is adding Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame to its popular online title. The silent assassin will be the tactical experience's next Operator, meaning he is appearing in nearly every game that makes up Ubisoft's portfolio outside of an actual Splinter Cell game. The character model is different and so too is the voice actor, but that's Sam Fisher alright.

Alongside a recent appearance in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and the announcement of an animated Netflix show based on the franchise, this will now be the third time in just a few months that the stealthy soldier has been brought back from the dead. To be fair, we're sure Sam Fisher will do just fine in the world of Rainbow Six: Siege, but this isn't what the wider community is looking for. Come on Ubisoft, give us that Splinter Cell reboot. It feels like we're on our knees begging at this point.