Why does Ubisoft love to toy with our emotions so much? First, it adds the Prince of Persia to For Honor with a time-limited event, and now the French publisher is adding Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint as part of the game's latest expansion pack. This isn't the first meeting the two franchises have had either, with the silent assassin cropping up in Ghost Recon: Wildlands as part of a post-launch update similar to this.

It's almost as if the game itself isn't interesting enough to stand on its own two feet so Ubisoft chooses to shoehorn its former favourites into the experience as a way to make amends. Is it working? Well, we're here covering Ghost Recon: Breakpoint so you could argue the answer is yes. To be fair, we're sure this piece of DLC will be perfectly okay as the developer works to improve what was a very lacking title at launch, but goddamnit Ubisoft, give us a new Splinter Cell game. Please.

Are you playing Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and looking forward to this expansion, by any chance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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