Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Delay

This is not the official update that many of us were waiting for from CD Projekt Red. In what has no doubt been a difficult decision, the company has pushed back the release dates for both Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition on PlayStation 5. The two current-gen ports were originally set to launch this year, but with next to no news on either game for most of 2021, we were starting to suspect that they'd be delayed — and here we are.

A statement from CDPR reads: "Based on recommendations supplied by teams supervising the development of both games, we decided to postpone their releases until 2022."

It goes on to reveal that Cyberpunk is currently planned for the first quarter of 2022, while The Witcher 3 is aiming at the second quarter of 2022.

It concludes: "Apologies for the extended wait, but we want to make it right."

Clearly, the Polish developer doesn't want another Cyberpunk 2077 launch fiasco on its hands. The company is still reeling from the damage that was done to its reputation following the game's disastrous release in December 2020, and so we don't blame CDPR one bit for wanting to try and pace its teams a bit better.

What's more, it's fairly common knowledge that CDPR has gone through some significant internal restructuring throughout this year, following Cyberpunk's arrival. It's no real surprise to learn that this reshuffle has had a knock-on effect regarding planned release schedules.

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