The Persistence Firesprite Games

Prior to Sony's acquisition of The Persistence and The Playroom developer Firesprite Games, the English studio was advertising open positions on two different projects: a "game-changing huge multiplayer shooter" and an "ambitious dark narrative blockbuster adventure". When Sony scooped the team up just recently, PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst was unable to confirm whether these projects would still come to fruition, simply stating instead that Firesprite Games would offer exclusive titles outside of Sony's "core offerings". However, in the case of the "dark, narrative adventure" game at least, work on the title appears to very much still be going ahead.

In a LinkedIn post made just yesterday, the developer advertised a development director position to help with "all aspects of planning and delivery on a dark, narrative adventure with genre-defining goals". The team has been sharing open positions on the website for a while now, but this is the first time it has mentioned the project since the Sony buyout. The post even mentions being "a PlayStation studio". Therefore, it seems fairly safe to assume this mysterious title will indeed come to fruition on PS5.


Elsewhere, Firesprite Games is also hiring for its coding, animation, art, narrative, production, and design departments. The developer is already Sony's biggest UK first-party studio, and while these positions could simply be replacing those who have moved on from the team, the hiring spree suggests the developer only wants to grow further.

There's currently no word on whether the other project, the "game-changing huge multiplayer shooter", is still in the works. Rumours of a Horizon PSVR spin-off game also did the rounds a while back, but there's been no update or evidence shared since. At the time, Firesprite Games was looking for staff to work on a "VR action adventure project adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years".

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