The Persistence PS4 PSVR

In case you've somehow missed the news, Sony Interactive Entertainment has just added Firesprite to its PlayStation Studios lineup. The acquisition brings the Liverpool-based team into the first-party fold, and it sounds as though the team is already working on some exciting stuff.

While there's obviously a fair amount of diversity in Sony's exclusive games, it's clear where the strengths lie — third person, story-driven action adventures are the company's most successful and well-known titles. There are games like MLB The Show, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Gran Turismo, but most of Sony's games fill a relatively similar criteria. However, Firesprite is being put to work on "genres outside of PlayStation Studios’ core offerings". That's according to a press release straight from the platform holder.

Exactly what these diverse games will be is unknown, but PS Studios boss Hermen Hulst does expand on the point in a chat with "I do encourage a strong and diverse slate of games coming out of PlayStation Studios," he says. "Ideally [the games] are aligned with the culture and what the teams are good at. It is definitely true that Firesprite is a team that loves to tinker with a platform. They love to experiment, to take something and toy with it."

Hulst continues, saying that "...the experiences that you can expect [from Firesprite] will be quite different from the teams that you are familiar with at PlayStation Studios." It's interesting that this point of difference is being emphasised, and we certainly can't wait to find out what the team has in store.

With PlayStation Showcase 2021 right around the corner, could we see a Firesprite announcement? Perhaps it's too early, but you never know. Are you excited to see what comes out of this newly acquired studio? Give us your best guesses in the comments section below.