EA Sports is ramping up support for PlayStation 5’s innovative DualSense controller in FIFA 22, building on the concepts it introduced with the series’ inaugural next-gen outing last year. This time it’ll be leveraging haptic feedback to mimic the sensation of the ball hitting the net when you score a goal, meaning you’ll feel the ripples of the fabric depending on the power of the strike and the tension of the net.

The developer is also deepening the array of sensations, adding in unique textures for crossing the ball, sliding across the turf, and shielding the ball from opponents. There’s a new commercial – featuring new icons Robin Van Persie, Iker Casillas, and Cafu – above, which tries to get the message across.

Elsewhere, the team is also adding 3D audio to the release for the first time. “With 3D Audio, you’ll hear team mates’ shouts in the sound mix, as well as close-up audio raised higher to match the perspective shift as the camera pans to fans in the stands,” a PlayStation Blog post explains. “In certain leagues you’ll even hear the iconic banging drums, deafening horns, and shrill whistles from the terraces that will give you a sense of what it feels like to play football on the biggest stages.”

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