Dragon Quest Future

Square Enix has launched a rather in-depth survey regarding Dragon Quest as a franchise. Most notably, the 30-question survey asks fans what they want from the beloved role-playing series going forward, inviting users to write down all of their ideas, hopes, and dreams for future games.

While we doubt that Square Enix is going to comb over every individual request and creative thought, it's still an interesting query to stick at the end of a survey — especially with Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate on the horizon.

Indeed, Square Enix has previously stated that the next instalment will shape the future of Dragon Quest — an intriguing description when you consider the property's immense legacy.

What do you want from the future of Dragon Quest as a whole? Let Square Enix know in its survey (and the comments section below).

[source questant.jp, via nintendoenthusiast.com, nintendolife.com]