Guilty Gear Strive is getting its second DLC character later this month. Returning fighter Jack-O' is already present in the game's story mode, and so since day one, fans have been expecting to see her back in the action at some point. The Japanese-voiced trailer is above, and the English is below.

Much like many other returning characters in Strive, it looks like Jack-O' will retain her unique fighting style. In previous games, she could summon all kinds of crazy little minions, and that still seems to be the case — although given Strive's commitment to accessibility, we're going to assume that she'll be much easier to grasp this time around. Needless to say, she already looks like a lot of fun.

Three more DLC characters are promised as part of Strive's season pass. The next is due later this year, and the final two are out in 2022. Speaking of which, season pass holders get Jack-O' on the 27th August. She'll then be sold separately starting from the 30th August.

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