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  • Poll Are You Happy with Your PS Plus Games for August 2021?

    Plus or minus?

    Another month, another PS Plus games reveal. August's lineup was actually leaked days before the official announcement, by none other than Sony itself. As such, it feels like people have had additional time to moan and groan about what is, in all fairness, a pretty dull month. Well, at first glance, anyway. So, just to recap,...

  • News Apex Legends Bans Over 2,000 Players, Almost All Are on PS4

    For the cheaters

    Apex Legends has dropped the ban hammer on over 2,000 players – and almost all of them are playing on the PlayStation 4. According to Respawn developer Conor Ford, these bans were issued to players gaming the Ranked Points system in Ranked Play, and also for abusing a matchmaking exploit which effectively allowed high-rank players...