The absolutely bizarre PlayStation 5 app for Blue Box Studios’ survival game Abandoned will be available to pre-load from the PS Store on 29th July, and we suppose the Dutch developer felt like it wasn’t getting quite enough media attention. In order to rectify that, the viral marketing maestros have deployed a new teaser image, which shows an out-of-focus image of a man with an eyepatch. Given the ongoing Hideo Kojima connections, you can already guess where this is going…

Of course, the pattern is well established at this point: YouTubers will make 30-minute theory videos designed to feed the social network’s algorithm, Reddit will deconstruct the graphic and share some wild conspiracies online, and Twitter will harass the indie developer at the helm. All of this will culminate in yet more comments about the fact that Blue Box Studios has no connection or relationship with Hideo Kojima – and then the app will be delayed again. Probably.

For those of you who don’t know, the Realtime Experience app – as it’s been renamed – is meant to be an interactive piece of software that will allow you to watch Abandoned’s first official trailer in realtime on your PS5. That trailer’s due to drop on 10th August, but you’ll have almost two weeks to pre-load the client itself. As previously alluded, this was already supposed to release once this summer, but was allegedly pushed back for polish. Second time’s a charm?