Abandoned’s bizarre – and oft-delayed – Realtime Trailer app has been renamed the Realtime Experience app, ahead of its purported 29th July pre-load date on the PlayStation 5. The client will allegedly play host to “multiple trailers (when available)” between “5 to 12 minutes” as well as “gameplay demonstrations” and “future live events”.

Of course, many have, quite rightly, started to question whether this client even exists in the first place. Indie developer Blue Box Game Studios has made a lot of curious decisions with its supposed PS5 exclusive, but due to the project’s curious similarities to a Hideo Kojima ruse, it has attracted an enormous social media following as a result. It’s all quite weird.


The team’s got two more weeks to put out the pre-load, so let’s see if it can deliver anything tangible at all. The game’s first trailer, it was discovered, was made up of publicly available Unreal Engine assets, but went on to attract over a million views on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. You can catch a recap of all of the events thus far in the video embedded above.

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