Abandoned Ps5 Original.original

This is getting ridiculous, isn't it? Blue Box Game Studios has now delayed the mysterious Abandoned trailer app all the way back to August, citing last-minute bugs and localisation issues. The PlayStation 5 application was originally slated to hit the PS Store at some point today following the first delay earlier this week. "The app isn't quite there yet," Hasan Kahraman claims.

This is just the next twist in a tale that continues to sit uncomfortably with us. We don't know how anyone can continue to believe Hideo Kojima is in some way involved because of just how suspicious this entire thing is. "The last two weeks was really stressful to us. The team is very tired. We were hoping to release the app today and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to it. So thank you very much for that, we really appreciate that. However, I've decided to delay the app until August. That is when the first trailer will also be released."

You have to question whether any game even exists at all by this point. Kahraman says the app was delayed because of bugs and localisation issues, with the latter cited as the reason for the app's delay from Tuesday to today. It's then fairly suspicious to push it all the way back to August, announcing so in a Twitter video. Especially when Blue Box Game Studios claims Sony is involved in the project. Except it's absolutely not.

There was a time when we felt sorry for the developer, as the Internet rushed to find tenuous links between Abandoned and Hideo Kojima. But that attention now needs to be focused on whether there's any game here at all. We remind you that not a single second of Abandoned has actually been shown — the announcement trailer was made up of cheap Unreal Engine assets that anyone can buy. "No, the teaser we didn't have a lot of time so Sony wanted something real quick. So we had to show something and that was not the game at all. So the game will be different", Kahraman previously claimed.

Is this one big scam? We've requested a comment from Sony on the matter.

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