Knockout City has been rocking Season 1 since launch, and in that time it's gone through several new playlists, introduced limited time events, and of course added a bunch of cosmetics to obtain. Now, though, it's time for Season 2, and it's all themed around the movies.

Named Fight at the Movies, Season 2 gets started on 27th July. Its big new addition is a new map called Hollywood Drive-In, shown in the trailer above. It's an arena that shifts in real-time, introducing various movie-themed stages in which to throwt those dodgeballs. Speaking of balls, a new special ball is coming with Season 2 as well — the Soda ball. When it hits your target, this weapon will explode Boba Cola over your opponent's screen, making it tougher to see.

There will also be lots of new movie-themed gear to unlock, contracts to complete, and plenty of playlists to partake in. Again, it kicks off in a few days on 27th July. Are you taking a trip to Knockout City for Season 2? Glide into the comments section below.