The next playable character heading to Apex Legends is Seer, available alongside the new season starting 3rd August 2021. To get you acquainted with the new menace and their abilities, Respawn Entertainment has issued a new trailer detailing what you can expect on the receiving end of a gunfight. It's embedded above and well worth taking a look at.

Seer's passive ability allows them to see and hear the heartbeats of enemy players within a 75-metre radius when aiming down the sights of a weapon, while their tactical skill emits a delayed blast that interrupts the actions of foes and reveals their position. Finally, the Exhibit ultimate ability allows Seer to see the exact location of enemies within a large radius. Perfect for when the circle is small and only a few players remain.

Seer will be deployed into Apex Legends in accordance with the new Emergence season next week, but will you be buying the character and taking them for a spin? Reveal your location in the comments below.