Could you tell this is an Annapurna Interactive joint based on the headline alone? We hope so, because this is the sort of unique experience the indie publisher has become known for. A Memoir Blue has been announced for PlayStation 5 and PS4 as part of the Annapurna Interactive Showcase, developed by Cloister Interactive — a name you won't have heard of before because it's the studio's first game. Supposedly coming soon, it's "an atmospheric journey featuring a champion swimmer named Miriam who, on the day of her greatest achievement, begins to reflect on long forgotten memories".

Based on the memories of director Shelly Chen, the story has been expanded to fit a large, explorable world that won't feature a single word of dialogue. "Another interesting aspect of A Memoir Blue is that its narrative is told entirely without words. Unlike other popular narrative games, A Memoir Blue uses expressive character animations and songs as a standin for dialogue. We took great care crafting each movement and melody to communicate a visual story to players."

An interesting premise indeed; do you want to hear this poem? Let us know in the comments below.