We'll be honest: we'd sort of forgotten about Recompile. It's been almost a year since the game was announced for PlayStation 5, with almost no noise being made in the interim. That's not to say this indie metroidvania won't be worth your time, though — in fact, it looks pretty darn cool.

You play as a computer virus, which has been placed within a virtual space known as The Mainframe for an undisclosed purpose. The player will discover what's happening in the digital and real world as the game progresses, but in the meantime, you'll need to navigate the Tron-like environment with various abilities, defeat enemy threats with numerous weapons, and hack the world to solve puzzles. It all looks and sounds pretty promising. If you're curious to learn more, we interviewed Phi Dinh, the game's creator, last year.

Anyway, it seems the wait for Recompile is nearly over. With the above trailer, publisher Dear Villagers has announced the game will finally release sometime in August 2021. There's no absolute date just yet, but we at least have a target month. All being well, the game is a matter of weeks away, which is great news.

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