Not very good Welsh horror game Maid of Sker is receiving a native PlayStation 5 version next week that brings with it lots of new modes, enemies, and weapons. There will be support for the PS5 DualSense controller and 10 new Trophies to unlock, while load times are said to have been reduced to just one second and a 4K resolution is supported at 30 frames-per-second. Lowering the visual output to 1440p will double the frame rate to 60. PS4 owners of the game will be handed a free upgrade to the PS5 version.

Four new modes (The Long Night, Axe of Kindness, Nightmare at the Hotel, and In Darkness) will test your skills to their limits, asking you to take on tougher enemies or survive with limited lives. There will also be more enemies patrolling the hotel at any one time, weapons including an axe and a magnum, and PS5 Adaptive Triggers will emulate the pull of a trigger. Haptic Feedback, meanwhile, is used to mimic footsteps, gunshots, and healing.

When we reviewed the PS4 version of Maid of Sker, a 5/10 rating summarized criticisms of tedious gameplay and comically bad foes. "Maid of Sker may be this developer's best attempt at horror yet, but it still falls short of something actually worth playing. A tightly designed breathing mechanic proves there's potential to be realised and an engrossing setting could have been the cherry on top. However, Maid of Sker is let down by monotonous gameplay and enemies that aren’t even close to being scary. And that's probably the worst thing a game that claims to belong in the horror genre could do."