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Here's a pretty fascinating story for you. Returnal, the excellent arcade shooter rogue-like from Housemarque, is generally resonating well among players, but there are some struggling with the difficulty and its perma-death structure. If you're in that camp, and wish there was a way to make things a little easier for yourself, you may be in luck — if you're quick.

YouTube user TheRandomiser has made a very interesting discovery about the PlayStation 5 exclusive. If you plug a USB keyboard into your console, you will be able to access a few developer cheat commands. Presumably left in the retail build of the game by accident, these will give you a significant leg up.

We won't spell out all the button commands here, but they're listed in the description for the video. So, what can you do with these? One of these cheats allows you to spawn any weapon at your current weapon proficiency level. In other words, using this exploit, you can start your run with a more preferable gun, rather than the default pistol. You can also instantly travel to the start of the third biome with whatever you have equipped, and you can also set yourself back to the crash site in biome one — again, keeping everything you had on you before the cheat. Using these, you can seriously power yourself up to a laughable degree. It's ridiculous, as shown in the aforementioned video.

Now, there are a few things to note here. Firstly, this is likely going to be patched out very soon (a patch is incoming later today, in fact). Secondly, these cheats do not affect Trophies. Also, there aren't any cheats that will make you invincible, or give you max integrity, or anything like that. With these active, you're still going to have to play the game more or less as intended. Still, it's pretty crazy that these developer shortcuts — presumably used for testing purposes — were inadvertently left in the code.

If you really do want to use these, the advice is to turn off auto-updates for the game (or take your PS5 offline) so they aren't patched out.

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