After a mixed reception at launch, Empire of Sin developer Romero Games is aiming to rejuvenate the prohibition-era strategy title with a new expansion pack: Make It Count. This paid add-on will allow you to take control of Meyer Lansky, the “Mob’s Accountant” who excels at economics and smooth talking. The DLC will also add a new faction known as ‘The Fixers’ to the game and their loan sharking rackets.

“After all the work we put into patching the game in the past few months, we’re ready to explore new aspects of the game to give players more content to sink their teeth into,” beamed co-founder Brenda Romero. “Make It Count, alongside the free Precinct update, brings new ways for players to play, manage and win as they build up their own Empire of Sin!”

For those who haven’t been following this title since its launch, the abovementioned Precinct update is promising some pretty hefty new features as well: “[This free update] introduces a Precinct management layer across neighborhoods, adds a new win-mechanic, and introduces mod support with mods available to play at launch.” It all sounds like meaty and meaningful stuff: will you be getting your suit dry cleaned in preparation?