Returnal PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Currently, you can’t save and quit in Returnal, meaning the only way to pause your progress mid-run is to put your PlayStation 5 in Rest Mode. Consequently, if you’re putting together a good attempt but run out of time – maybe you have a Netflix date or something – then you’re going to have to close the game and start over. It’s not exactly ideal, especially when sessions can number in the hours.

Of course, this is a roguelike and some would argue that save states work against the purpose of the genre, however some similar titles like Enter the Gungeon have found solutions in the past. Housemarque is aware of the feedback at least, and while it has nothing to announce right now, it’s acknowledged a Reddit post on the subject, expressing that it’s “hearing” the community on this.

We’re fairly confident that the studio will come up with a solution here that improves the convenience of the release without compromising its difficulty. How do you feel about Returnal’s current progression setup? Would you like to see a save option incorporated? Begin a new loop in the comments section below.

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